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A Conquest of TibetHedin, Sven Anders
A Cultural History of Tibet. 1968. Snellgrove, David and Richardson, Hugh
A Diary of a Journey Across Tibet. 1894.Bower, Captain Hamilton
A Journey across Tibet from North to SouthLittledale, St. George R.
A Lost Civilization, The Mongols Rediscovered. New York, 1966. Heissig, Walther
A Note on Puran Gir Gosain. Bengal, Past and Present, Vol. XLIII. Sarcar, S. C.
A Quest of Flowers. Edinburgh, 1976. Fletcher, Dr Harold
A Roving Commission. 1937. Newman, Henry
A Short History of Tibet. New York, 1962.Richardson, Hugh Edward
ABC cestovatelů, mořeplavců, objevitelůHrbek, Ivan
Abode of Snow. 1955. Mason, Lt Colonel Kenneth
Across Tibet. 1891.Bonvalot, Gabriel
Alexandra David-Neel's Adventures in Tibet. Fact or Fiction?Norwick, Braham
Alphabetum Tibetanum missionum apostolicarumGeorgi, Augustini Antoni
An Account of An Embassy to the Court of the Teshoo Lama in TibetTurner, Samuel
An Account of The Kingdom of Nepaul, London, 1811. Kirkpatrick, Colonel William
An Account of Tibet, The Travels of Ippolito Desideri of Pistoia, S. J., 1712-1727. London, 1931. Revised Edition, 1937. De Filippi, Filippo
Antonio de Andrade 1624-30. Wessels, Cornelius
Asia and Western Dominance. London, 1953. Panikkar, K M
Asia in The Making of Europe. Vol. I. The Century of Discovery, Book One. Chicago, 1965. Lach, Donald F
Bayonets to Lhasa. London, 1961. Fleming, Peter
Bengal, Past and Present. Vol. XXVI. Calcutta, 1923. [Anonym] "The Buddhist Monastery at Ghoosery"
Bogle's Embassy to Tibet.Disalkar, D. B.
Bratr Oldřich, Čech, z FurlánskaOdorico Pordenone
Britain and Chinese Central Asia: The Road to Lhasa, 1767-1905Lamb, Alastair